Weekend Project #2 Carbide Create Pocket Top Tool

For this weekends Project I wanted to share the file for the #TiFightingFrog in Carbide Create.

It is a Pocket Tool / EDC design project, inspired by the creative designs Ive seen on Instagram.
What makes this one unique is its compact size and balanced geometry allows it to Spin like a Top.


Feel free to try the file, modify it, hopefully it inspires you.
I will continue to modify the file and cut it out of different materials, the file attached below is setup for Titanium on the Nomad with a 1/16th endmill.
This weekend I will be making a Brass Monkey version and may attempt to engrave it for next weekends project.

If you do make one, post a picture Y’all!

I imported the Ti Fighting Frog DXF file into Carbide Create, and it needed to be scaled which is why you will notice the file has a 2"x2" square.

Carbide Create Toolpath Preview- this file is setup for .125" thick material.

With the Feeds and Speeds charts you could cut this out of lots of materials, but if you want long spin times, use the heaviest metal possible.

You will need:

2" x 2" .125" material
1/16th cutter
Blue fixturing wax

For Titanium or Steel cutting you will also need:
Hot glue gun

TI FIGHTING FROG 063.c2d (564.4 KB)

Heres a link to the original Post with the very first prototype made on the Original Nomad 883:


Project Update
I watched a Documentary on Eastman And Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Hulu and as a result my Brass Tool has a Raphael design engraved into him.

Heres the first test cut in .125" thick Acrylic, with its Ti brother.

Squad is on Point-

top left Brass Turtle (Disco Hero in a Half shell)
top right Ti Frog
bottom left Stainless Steel Squirrel
bottom right Fitst cut Blue Acrylic Turtle test.

Engraving in CC
I built The Engraving Design on top of the Ti fighting Frog Carbide Create file.
The Shell details were made with the hex tool, and the twin Sai’s, bandana, kneepads, and little toenail details where drawn with the curve tool.

For the engraving layer I used the .031" Ballend to cut on the lines. DOC was .003" with 2 passes,for a maximum Engraving depth of .006"

Toolpath Simulation in Brass is spot on

Work Holding
I had some .140" thick Brass offcut that was just large enough to cut a part from.

These clamps are 1/4" 6061 Aluminum and cut from the same design file used to cut the .5" thick plyboo clamps seen here:

I usually would use the blue fixturing wax to hold thin metal like this 360 Brass.
Recently Ive been having good results leaving a thin skin of .005" -.01" on arcrylic and plyboo parts so I wanted to try it with the Brass. It worked because the Nomad Threaded Table is VERY level.
Removing the Brass “Foil” required a couple minutes of detailed Xacto blade work to clean up. It was worth testing, however I recommend using the Blue Wax. Interestingly, the time to heat the wax up and clean it off the hot metal is equal to the time with a sharp blade in your hand.
Safety first,
your choice; Hot or Sharp.

Grab some popcorn these Instagram videos can go a full minute now.

Disco Hero Tool
Materials needed:
1/8th Brass or other Metal
.0625 endmill
.031 Ball endmill

This file was tested in Brass on The Nomad 883, “the Best Desktop Mill” by Make Magazine.

Take a look at the file and let me know if you have any questions.


When is the next project?

What should the next project be?
Any requests?

Any chance of it being done in a video format to follow along would be great and very educational,I personally still dont understand CC that well and almost always end up using somthing else.The box/sunglass case project you did was great i been trying ever since to edit it and make a bigger one to store some things.Kinda interested in a yoyo project or somthing two sided like a chess peice sort of thing if its possible without owning the proper flip jig you sell,mabie making a wooden flip jig would be a possible project? Im open to whatever really,but at the moment im mainly set up for wood.

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Also a wooden perpetual motion machine woud be awesome.

I’d like to see something from wood - something I could give to someone.

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Your projects have been super helpful in understanding better milling techniques.It’d be really neat to see some precision cuts of mechanical parts(wood or plastic). I have been drafting some plans to make a drill press. Trying to cut just about everything but the frame on the SO3: Gears, mounts, levers. Still deciding on how best to cut and mount everything. Its always fun to build something that moves.


Hi, Apollo! What type of stainless steel did you use for the squirrel? I´m considering to buy the nomad to engrave SS316, do you think it can work for me?? Thanks!!!