What about a "User Gallery"?

Maybe a dumb idea, Maybe not. I don’t even know if it is possible with the forum software…
What do you guys think about a “User Gallery”? It would just be a place for us to post pics of our projects without having to start a new topic. It would also be a place where we could check out the things other users are making.
For instance, I made my first aluminum piece and I would love to share, but I don’t see a need to start a whole new thread on something that has been covered. It would be cool to be able to post comments on the gallery pictures. There is one user that started his on gallery thread, and that was a great idea. He just adds to the thread when he wants to. But I was thinking about everyone having their own “gallery thread”.
Dumb Idea?


I love seeing what other folks make and I’m always inspired, but I’m not sure if I understand what you’re looking for exactly. There’s already a Gallery on this forum:


Are you suggesting every user has a gallery specific to that user? Like as soon as a user signs up they get their own virtual gallery linked to their user account? So for instance I could click on your avatar next to your user name and see all images you’ve uploaded?



Yes, That is what I was thinking of. Everyone would have their own portfolio of sorts. You could be on a post and say, “Check out Dan’s stuff. He’s really good at such and such, he might be a good person to ask about that”. Then provide a link to your portfolio/gallery. I realize the gallery exists, but I a feel little boisterous posting every little accomplishment. Where a personal gallery/portfolio would be a quiet place to put our little accomplishments.
It’s just an idea, and maybe a dumb one…I have lots of those. I just wanted to know what other people thought of the idea.


It’s a good idea — unfortunately, it’s not something Disqus supports directly AFAICT — if someone finds something for this at: https://help.disqus.com/en/ we can see what can be done. Otherwise, it would require programming the API.

We do have a formal gallery at:


of course, and anyone may make posts to: https://community.carbide3d.com/c/gallery — each user who wanted a user gallery doing so with a post with their username as the subject should work for this.

Also, note that each user has a user page such as:

Further note that one can get an overview of one’s activity on all Disqus networks at:

(for folks who remember their password and don’t need to use AOL or Yahoo or some other e-mail provider which won’t forward password reset e-mails)


I was wondering if it was a forum limitation. I haven’t messed around with anything like this since Wildcat BBS, so I am definitely not the person to ask.
Thanks Will!


Is it possible to have a user defined field in their profile to have links to their gallery posts?

Top 5 projects displayed below your user profile or something to that effect?
Spot for hyperlinks to said gallery posts

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There is a URL field — if folks wanted to make a Gallery post for their username and put the URL for it there, that would work — if folks would look for that.

My take on it is it’s easier for each project or an associated set of projects/files to have its own thread — this will allow the system to work as it was designed to, as opposed to expending effort to create a system which would compete with Cutrocket, which is ideally where everything would get posted.

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So, @themillertree, after all this build-up, when are we gonna see this aluminum piece? :wink:


I haven’t messed around with anything like this since Wildcat BBS

Boy do I remember those BBS days! I ran a TriBBS system!

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I broke down and did it…

Others do a much better job, but this turned out pretty good.


I have toyed with the idea of making a google photos/dropbox album and putting the link in my profile. The photo album is useful as a ‘Brag Album’ for family & friends, but also cool to share in here


That’s a great idea!

It is very easy to create a seperate gallery and just point to it from within the Carbide3D Gallery section https://community.carbide3d.com/c/gallery
Example of one of my galleries in jAlbum: https://jiminashland.jalbum.net/
I made a quick video to show the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0zNDYlAqm4

Another way is to just add a single project image to your own website. Here is my elliptical box project added to my CNC folder on my website:

Hope that make sense!


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