What did you cut on your Shapeoko/ Nomad today?

I worked one up a while back.


Hawaiian Islands.zip (2.2 MB)


Any chance you have the Hawaiian Islands map in a CC file?
Not that I’m opposed to loading S Cad if not.

No, that dates back to before Carbide Create Pro had the ability to import an STL — if you have Pro, and have difficulties doing that, let me know and we’ll dig deeper into it.

@WillAdams this has been my problem with files you provided in DM I can’t seem to get these to work right.

Okay, I’ll look at this this evening.

Did these for the grand kids for Christmas.



Seems to work to just import the .stl files into Carbide Create Pro:

then assign 3D toolpaths:

Had a request for a Baseball themed cribbage board. I had been thinking about designing one where the board is the field however was asked for it to look more like the baseball. Still have to glue the magnets in to hold down the topper.


Strange. maybe the CC trial don’t allow .stl import? just wanting to test this out but cant seem to find import 3d option

I didnt have version 7! im an idiot.

The backplate for a benchtop injection mold a friend and I have been working on. For scale it’s 4"x4"x.25"
Adaptive cleared the entire thing with a 1/8" ball start to finish in under 30 minutes on the nomad 3. (There are probably better strategies but I just wanted to knock it out)


A little memorial case for a friend’s dog and a mancala board that we are developing to add to our product catalog. Special thanks to @fenrus for sharing their settings back in March 2021 as they helped me dial in the bowls for this mancala board so that it is super smooth and needs no sanding.


I milled out some dice to customize my joysticks for my off road and regular power wheelchairs.

I like them because they look great and make good conversation starters for meeting new people when I’m out places.


The wife gave me the prompt “hexagons are the bestagons” for a brass coin she wanted.
I did ok. The hexes are all offset by ~0.125mm so they catch the light well enough.

1mm 2 flute fishtail end mill was super cheap and it does the job. I really need to dedicate some time to floor finishing. (The fishtail certainly doesn’t help though)

I’m wondering if a vibratory would get rid of these tool marks.


Tried my hand at the acrylic edge lit sign kit. The wife commissioned some artwork awhile back so i figured it was perfect for her bookshelf. (A certain somewhat recognizable rolling robot in a dahlia)

I’ve got to say, the tolerances on acrylic thickness are bonkers. It’s nowhere near consistent. I’ll increase the “depth of cut” for the mcetcher next time. I want to try some hand finishing techniques anyway so the lighter cut spots don’t bother me too much.

Anyway, here are some decent photos.


The cheap plastic base for my bilge pump was junk, so I made it better.
(ignore the black marks. I burned off the fuzzies :smiley: )



Usually wiping w/ a suitable cloth will take them off, or a patient bit of deburring — Noga is supposed to have a blade esp. suited to plastics.

need to sharpen my 1/8" O-Flute. It’s in the bilge of my boat, so doesn’t need to look pretty :slight_smile:
It’s nylon. cloth ain’t gonna do it. :wink:

Nice! What tutorial did you use?

COOL! I may have missed it while reading through, but what material are the round logos made of, and how big are those pictured?