What Monitor size or Dual Monitors do you have for CAD/Carbide Create

Hello CC3D Heads, I am wanting to purchase a new Monitor or Monitors for creating files.
Currently using a 15inch laptop and would like a larger screen or screens for longer sessions.
Any quality bang for the buck suggestions? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a Samsung UR55 (28" 4K 3840x2160) w/ my MacBook and it has been working well.

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I use one of these, which they will have to pry from my cold dead fingers.

Had one at work to plug my laptop into, bought another at home for my desktop and CAD, no it’s not in the shed with the CNC.


Welcome to the club.

I use an older 35-inch flat-screen tv and a 24-inch monitor. The 35 is wall mounted. Gives me more room to see with these old eyes. The wall mount is positioned where I can look without straining my neck.

What works for you is what works. Having the larger area allows me the ability to enlarge areas that are small on a standard monitor (laptop)

Good luck

Offer up is a good place to find a TV/Monitor that will fill your needs.

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If it was used only for CAD/CAM, it wouldn’t be very much bang for the buck, a 4K, LG 65" Oled tv. I have my workstation hooked up to it, as well as my Xbox. With a Space Mouse on the left arm of the sofa, and a Logitec track ball on the right.


I have an ASUS VA325 32" monitor

I found it on CraigsList - new in box - for $100

It works well for my old eyes. Not only for CAD but general computer use.


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I use a DELL U3421WE Display (34-inch 3440 × 1440).

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I use a pair of these:

connected to my laptop via a Thunderbolt dock.


I have a 32 inch LG at work love it. I like the work flow but Toying around with the thought of dual monitors

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If I’m being honest, the Benq 24" that I used before getting the Samsung just got moved to the other arm of my monitor stand displacing the old 17" as the “email” screen next to the 32" so I can’t criticise…

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I’m creating a work space pulling the pieces together.
Starting with desk base hardware adding a literal wood desk top. I’ll post pic’s as I move along.
Enjoying the Ideas and input keep it coming. Thanks

Nobody has mentioned yet, it doesn’t matter what size other people use. e.g. it can be 14" 24" or 34" inch monitor…what only matters is what your eyes are comfortable with. Keep in mind the following:

Any monitor size you decide on (even if its displayed on a wall with a projector type display measured in feet) the displayed resolution on any monitor or projector will be the same . e.g. Any resolution like 1600x1200 is still and always will be 1600x1200 regardless of the size of monitor. The only thing that changes is the how big of a screen your eyes are able to see said resolution.


I use two Dell Ultrasharp 27"(2560x1440) as my main monitors, but they are soon to be replaced and delegated to other duties.

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I use 2 23" HP 1080p monitors with a 5 year old Ryzen 7 and a GTX1060 with no issues

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This is true.

However, a large monitor typically enables a higher resolution, which can also factor in to eye comfort. I find the clarity and crispness of a 32" 2840x2160 monitor much easier to read than a 32" 1920x1080 monitor when everything is set to be the same physical size on the screen.

So making a fixed resolution larger is not the only consideration - for me, pixel density increases readability at a given physical size.


I Purchased a dual monitor stand with Laptop tray. I want to try pivoting between my laptop and a larger screen. Looking for 24 - 27 inch monitor :computer: :desktop_computer:

I use a Samsung Neo 49, it is very nice for editing and also works well for gaming. 3090 also helps.


Wow Full emersion experience :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m on a 15" 4K laptop. I wear reading glasses. It works just fine! I own a 32 and two 23" monitors, but I don’t use them for anything anymore. The convenience of being able to sit wherever I want and do my designs outweighs the footprint of the monitors. When you’re 18" from a screen, 15" is the same field of view as a 23" monitor at 28" or a 32" monitor at 38". As pointed out, resolution is the key.

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Is there anything with the equivalent pixel density of the 21” Retina iMac? 4K display; 4096-by-2304 resolution.

Of the same size? I have limited space for a monitor and so far the best use of the space is the iMac prior to the M1. I like the 24” iMac but it won’t fit the the space.

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