What program suggestions for a 3Dsvg?

Does a 3D svg file work in CCV7? Or do I need to upgrade to a different program?

No, you would need to export to an STL or a pixel depth map.

Correct me if I am wrong. So if I import a STL file and not a SVG it should work ? Sorry if this sounds dumb but this is all new to me.

Hey Will,
You have always helped me and I appreciate your advice. What software would you suggest for 3d projects? One that is user friendly like the CC software. I respect your advice.

Yes, an STL can be imported into Carbide Create Pro to make 3D toolpaths:

Which tool to use depends on what sort of work you wish to do and how you wish to approach it. Notable options include:

  • Blender — for free-form 3D sculpting, but it has gained some facility for precision work, see “BlenderCAD” and “CADsketcher”
  • FreeCAD — opensource 3D mechanical CAD program
  • OpenSCAD — opensource programmatic 3D modeling tool
  • Shapr3D — for folks w/ an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
  • Moment of Inspiration 3D — noted as being easy to use, and capable of both free-form 3D and precise mechanical CAD
  • Alibre Atom3D — 3D mechanical CAD which is quite affordable
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 — 3D mechanical CAD which has a number of different licensing options
  • Solidworks

If you’d let us know what sort of work you wish to do, how you wish to approach it, and your budget we might be better able to advise.

The work I do with my CNC is just a hobby and some small crafts. I am not that knowledgeable on technology so I would prefer software that is pretty easy to use. I am not interested in designing or anything of that nature. I like importing a file and let it run. I have only used CCV6 and 7 so far. I think I will look into CCV7 pro.

If you have an STL file already, then the easiest tools to make 3D toolpaths are Carbide Create Pro, and MeshCAM.