What tools do you find complementary to your machines?

The power hacksaw thread got revived: Power Hacksaw is Complete!

and with it the Die Filer thread has come up again:

There was a recent discussion about planers, which mentioned a few jointers (as well as thickness sanders) — arguably the machine itself can work as either (and there have been a couple of occasions where folks have used their machines in lieu of router flattening jigs) — I’m surprised bandsaws don’t come up more often (it’s the one power tool I really want, w/ a really good re-saw blade — it’s so tedious re-sawing stock).

Another obvious thing is a drill press to finish holes which have been spotted on the machine.

Anyone have any interesting tools which they find indispensable for use with their machines? Other occasions of using the machines to replace other tools?


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A good DA sander for prepping stock for superglue/tape setups and always have a burr whip nearby!


I’ve meant to buy a burr-whip, I just typically grab some sandpaper.

I wish I had a better way to re-saw stock. Not having a bandsaw or an aluminum cutting blade for my miter saw makes things tedious if I want to try that. I usually just buy about the right size I need or cut it out with my Shapeoko to what I need.

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five-in-one tool (painters general purpose tool)

Hand planes and block plane (stock prep when working with wood and many plastics)

Dowel pins (aligning parts on the machine as well as for aligning parts during assembly by using machined alignment holes)

three-corner scraper

shim stock (plastic and brass) for setting up material (support above the bed by a uniform 0.5mm, for instance) and for touching off tools.

cheater glasses and optivisor (because I am old, but wish I had had them back in the 1980’s)


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