When do I Load new tool

Stupid question…
when do I load a tool? With the previous version, it would prompt to load a tool. Now I do not see where/when to do so. I upload my new file, and that’s when I saw the prompt. Do I do it whenever I want to now? Am I missing something?

It should be the same — what post-processor are you using?

In Carbide Create it should be under Edit | Select Post-processor, “Carbide 3D Shapeoko”

I don’t use carbide create, I use VCarve. I am referring to Carbide Motion, after I initialize the machine, the option to load a tool is no longer there.

Same question for Vectric — what post-processor are you using?

For Carbide Motion — do you have a BitSetter enabled and configured?

The most common problem with the software not asking for a tool is the post processor. Every CAD program, Vetric/CC, has a post processor which incorporates your accessories like BitSetter and BitRunner. Vetric has a Shapeoko post processor which supports the BitSetter. When you create gcode without the Shapeoko post processor the generic gcode is not aware of the BitSetter and the ability to run jobs with multiple tools.

Check out this post:

The user Neil is a guru for writing post processors. The above post is from 2020 so it may not be the most current one for vetric.

I dont use Vetric but the Vetric forum and likely here on the forum tells you where to select and place the post processor.

Carbide , shapeoko 3 xxl. I will try again in the morning.

Yes, my bit setter is enabled

thank you for your response. I configured the post processor on Vetric, and I also enabled the bitsetter on Carbide motion. I will look at this again in the morning