Where to find someone to draw line art or vector drawings?

I am wondering what I should do if I need an image hand converted in to vector art with CNC. So, far I tried a website called freelancer. I don’t know if this website can be depended on for finding someone to render vector drawings for me.

There is another concern. I am not breaking copyright laws if I am converting someone else’s property into vector art - this is a misconception. But not everyone will agree.

It’s only if one is going to reproduce for commercial purposes that you can muster up any legal gusto.

Please non-creative people need not perpetuate angst about other people’s legal situations.

Just mentioning that as a disclaimer, nothing serious for the light hearted.

Carbide Create does have a facility for this:

The site which used to get mentioned for this is “Fiverr”, but I’ve never used it.

There are some folks on the various Facebook groups who might do this.

You sound very informed, are you a copyright attorney?

Most importantly, the courts do not agree.

Note that I am not a lawyer and the above does not constitute legal advice, merely a layman’s search for some informative resources.

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Thanks for bringing these up. I fall under fair use. If you read the fair use index and understand it you will see I am not infringing on someone’s copyright. I am someone who is privately repurposing someone’s work for purely creative reasons. I have no intention of using my efforts for earning some extra cash.

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You should still get the permission of the copyright holder, or better still, take your own photo.

I think it is important to remind you that you don’t have to ask for permission where you are not required to. Doing so can create problems like having to go out of your way to speak to someone much higher up in the food chain - who may not be interested in how polite you are.


I have tried the trace feature in Carbide Create. It is promising but the output is incomplete and I don’t know how to do the things an artist can do to properly shade in the traced lines.