Which Rockler Rocksteady Parts for 4x2 Bench?

Been searching the forums and I can find a lot of pictures and builds of Kreg tables but I see a lot of mentions of people building Rockler tables for their 4x2’s as well, but as I sit here trying to piece together their parts list there is no support option that spans 60"-- so what is the BOM for the Rockler Rocksteady build?

too shaky here’s what i did

brackets are $90 (Eastwood) wood is 4 x 4 from Menards super solid no shake

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I used the largest option for my 4x4. I just made the top overhang the sides/front/back. It wasn’t detrimental since I used 1.5" thick project board glue-up for the top.

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I looked at the rock steady, but I ended up going with Global Industry adjustable workbench legs and a heavy solid-core door for the top. I was a little worried about the overall stability, but this thing is quite stout. I have rolling tool cabinets that snug up underneath. My 4x2 will be showing up this week (the VFD got here today!). I figure if for some reason this seems insufficient once the machine is here i will add another set of legs in the center - they’re not that expensive on amazon.


What kind of joints are those 4x4’s? Can’t quite tell if you halflaped them or not. My biggest problem at the moment is I don’t have a lot of time to spare doing a build, otherwise I’d build, but yours looks so straight forward it makes me doubt my resolve. You have your plans or did you just napkin math it? :smiley:

Solid idea too, I didn’t think about just grabbing some legs and calling it a day. That’s not a bad idea. I built my office table the same way except I used a butcher block top and used DeskHaus legs. I might ping you next week or so and see how you feel it is sitting.

I have seen some people use a couple of cabinet sections from the big box stores back to back with a solid top. I thought about doing that but was able to build one for good bit less. But, if you are in a hurry and don’t mind the cost something to consider and the bonus is cabinets and drawers.


just straight cut, no need for fancy joints, no plans and they are bolted. I think the brackets are laser cut for 7/16 carriage bolts. As with real machining centers you don’t want the machine moving around.

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For my S05 XXL I bolted four Rock Steady stands together; two 28" x 32" units, and two 32" x 44" units.

Honestly… I wouldn’t go that way again. In fact, I’d avoid it like the plague.

In the time I spent squaring the four units up and messing with the drawer slide mounts that I thought were cute (but fit amazingly poorly), I could have easily thrown together a stand with lapped and tenoned joints out of southern yellow pine and a torsion box top. With just hand tools.

I’m only mildly exaggerating here.

I’m still not happy with the stand, but it’s an ultra low priority until after the holidays since my machine is getting a pretty constant workout at the moment.


I used you as inspiration–but boy–I wasn’t ready for just how chonky it would be.

  • 44” high
  • 1/2" mdf (split)
  • 4x4 top skirt
  • 2x4x2 central spar
  • 2x4 gussets (added racking protection)
  • 4x4 legs
  • 2x4 lower skirt (save a little weight)
  • 4mm braces
  • Rockler removable casters

Kept the middle open for rolling cabinets or storage. It’s got enough meat I can build other things in later. Incredibly stable and really heavy–but at least when it’s popped up on wheels it glides really effortlessly. It almost wanted to walk itself out of my workshop. :smiley:

Thanks again for the idea. Saved probably $150 over a pre-measured solution and this Haus will be with me for a while. :laughing:


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