Why do threads close after 30 days?

(Stephen Brzykcy) #1

Hi guys,

Just curious about the activity window for a thread. I have been a member of many different discussion boards and have never seen a board close threads after 30 days of inactivity, personally I think it would lead to many duplicate threads, but I just wanted to ask because possibly there is a good reason.

Why do threads close after 30 days of inactivity?

Perhaps 6-months might be a better window, at least for people who maybe use this as a hobby and can’t get back to it for months at a time, while still staying somewhat current with software and g-code versions?


(William Adams) #2

That was decided upon by @robgrz and @edwardrford and @Jorge


(Bay Area and Sac, CA) #3

I agree and wish the policy would revert.

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(Julien Heyman) #4

Same here. It is slightly annoying and I don’t understand what it protects against. Also, it does not seem to apply to older posts ? (I regularly see someone posting successfully in a 2 year old thread)


(William Adams) #5

It only applies to threads created after the policy was put in place — if anyone has something relevant to add to a thread, feel free to flag it and ask that it be re-opened and that will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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