Why do threads close after 30 days?

Hi guys,

Just curious about the activity window for a thread. I have been a member of many different discussion boards and have never seen a board close threads after 30 days of inactivity, personally I think it would lead to many duplicate threads, but I just wanted to ask because possibly there is a good reason.

Why do threads close after 30 days of inactivity?

Perhaps 6-months might be a better window, at least for people who maybe use this as a hobby and can’t get back to it for months at a time, while still staying somewhat current with software and g-code versions?


That was decided upon by @robgrz and @edwardrford and @Jorge

I agree and wish the policy would revert.


Same here. It is slightly annoying and I don’t understand what it protects against. Also, it does not seem to apply to older posts ? (I regularly see someone posting successfully in a 2 year old thread)


It only applies to threads created after the policy was put in place — if anyone has something relevant to add to a thread, feel free to flag it and ask that it be re-opened and that will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Terrible decision. Lots of threads have misinformation that will never be corrected when threads gets closed. Things change over time too, making information in need of updates if users have the opportunity. being able to ask “is this still the best solution?” is what makes dated information in
forums useful and time saving.

Here is one:

The advice to throw away the cast aluminium mount is crazy. The cast aluminium mount is way
stronger and rigid than the average “normal” aluminium. Letting misinformation like this online
lowers the quality of the forum. I’m sure many people just leave in pure frustration over this
“eccentric” feature.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Genuinely curious… are there “normal” 80mm Aluminum mounts available that I should clearly avoid? I recently took delivery of an 80mm spindle.

The 80mm mounts that come in the spindle packages from the AliExpress type vendors are of somewhat variable quality, particularly in their machining and may not have a properly flat base or a properly round spindle hole and those two may not be very well aligned to each other.

I can say that the Carbide 80mm spindle mount for the HDZ is a nicely machined lump of Aluminium with pretty tight tolerances that contacts the spindle all the way around and the base seems to be well aligned to the spindle centerline. No idea what grade Aluminium it started life as however.

As for whether cast or extruded / rolled aluminium is better, not my area but apparently Julien is happy with his cast plate :wink:


Note that threads can be reopened, should anyone want to contribute to an old thread. It happens very regularly, just drop a PM to @WillAdams or myself.

This particular example about not bothering with the spindle mounts that came with Ali kits was related to what @LiamN mentioned: regardless of their intrinsic rigidity/quality (which was never discussed), the point was that it’s near impossible to use them as is without first resurfacing the bottom part, the inner part, and probably re-drilling the holes too. I should post a picture of the one I received, to illustrate my point. I did not want to spend any of my time doing that, and preferred to buy a machined one, but to each his own of course.


Since we’ve already gotten derailed and onto the topic… I have ordered the C3D 80mm HD mount. I made the wrongful assumption that all 1.5kw spindles were 65mm and ironically bid on a 1.5kw 80mm spindle and won!