Winston's gonna show us his brass

Branding Iron that is…

Continuing Winston Live and Locked Up, he is going to show us how to make a brass branding iron.

I personally think this should be a really good live stream. I love working with brass, it machines beautifully and leaves ‘gold’ dust all over your machine which is pretty cool. It’s also super handy as you can apply these techniques in stamp and mould making. Heck you could even use them to make your own family crest or signet ring.

The details are here

  • Gold you say…
  • I’m washing my hair

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Any suggestions for next week?


I want to make a bowl-shaped object that is 8 inches deep. Could Winston show a way to cut “layers” that could be glued into a single object and get past the limited Z axis, if this is possible at all?


I missed this, was it recorded and will it be available to watch in the future?

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It was recorded andis on the official Carbide 3D youtube channel.
Here is the link for the Office Hour. There’s now three of these, and they usually happen on Friday. @Luke can comment on if we can expect this to continue this week.

EDIT: This is going to happen again, I just can’t read.


Poor Winston, a pandemic going on and he breaks a bone and still has to work. Nice job on the videos


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