Wireless handheld controller

Is anyone using a wireless controller for the Pro XXL?
I see these being used in videos all the time.
Are you using a gaming controller or possibly a keyboard controller?
What brand? Price? Where to get it?
Pics below…
wireless keyboard gaming controller

I have the keyboard one on the tablet for my SOPro. I’ve tried a lot of different ones on my SO3, but it’s by far my favorite. It’s the Rii brand off of Amazon. I think $20.


Is it like the Rii in the picture? that one is $14.99.
Is it hard to connect and get working?

Thank you for replying.

Looks exactly like the one I have. My Windows tablet instantly recognized it. The right side directional pad does X and Y jogging, page up & page down jog Z. 1 2 3 4 change jog speed.

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Hey Eric

I use the following on my setup. added amazon links

Windows Fusion5 tablet

easytone backlit wireless keyboard


Thanks again.

I think when I order my CNC this will be added.


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I tried to use that little keyboard/trackpad…but you soon figure out that it’s a pain to type anything…and threw it in the FKBucket…and bought a full size (rechargeable) wireless keyboard/wireless mouse…($20 on that Jungle Website)…SOOOO much better…IMO. Typing, editing etc is a big part of how I use my Shapeoko.


I’ve been using a Logitech K400r 2xAA battery powered wireless keyboard for a while now and it works great. It has a switch to turn it on and off, and it pairs almost instantly. It’s small and light weight. I have a touch screen and mouse, but use it for editing gcode files mostly.

It just sits on the shelf and when I need it, just slide the switch over and start typing. I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s only about $20 at BeastBuy and Target. Probably on Amazon as well.


Thank you for your input. I was looking for more of a small remote device to make machine movement as I do have a laptop for a larger keyboard.
Thank you again for stepping up.


I also use the Logitech K400 keyboard, but for machine movement I use this:

Techkeys ninekey


Very interesting device. I looked at the link you gave and see this would be a viable solution to my interest, the only drawback is it is not wireless.

Thank you for your input.

I use one works great


Cool, thanks for the response. :sunglasses:

I have tried many controllers, including xBox, but this small touch screen in combination with my K400 Logitech keyboard are the best for me, love it!
If only Carbide Motion interface was customizable…

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Thank you for the information. I am only looking for something to move the machine around not a computer. I already have a laptop.

This is not a computer :wink:
Just an extra touch screen plugged into your computer alongside your main screen.


I use the Rii. It’s $21 from Amazon. It works great, but I only use it for jogging.

I just got an email today for a Rii at $9.99 on amazon.
This is the device I’ll most likely go with.


I saw a video of a fella using a cross hair laser to set his X & Y. Used
g-code to move it for what the offset would be.

Looked pretty cool. I looked it up on Amazon and with the holder and battery pack it was around $40.

Could you share the link?