Work Bench Idea for XXL

I’m designing a bench for the permanent home of my XXL. I wanted to share the design as a sanity check before I use some overpriced lumber to build it. Below is my design outline:

  1. Main load bearing with 4x4 with casters (WBD WEIBIDA Leveling Casters Set of 4 with Adjustable Handle Design, 360 Degree Swivel castors, Heavy Duty Retractable Caster for Workbench, Machine Equipment, Furniture, Total Capacity of 2200 Lbs: Industrial & Scientific) on the bottom. Structure is stiffened by lattice and plywood top.
  2. Drawers up front for storage, and to hide laptop. Top middle will pull out to allow access to laptop. I’ll be doing cable management to make sure it’s reliable.
  3. Bottom shelf to place water chiller, collect dust, and random nick-nacks I’ll never use.

I’m currently planning to create the entire lattice network with pocket holes, but I’m wondering if I may need to create a slot in the 4x4 and glue them for rigidity. I prefer plywood lattice over 2x4 because they’re lighter and less bulky. I’m also tempted to create a laminated leg out of plywood…


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I found that having my laptop in front of and below the CNC was a recipe for a dust filled laptop, if you’re building an enclosure on top that won’t matter.

You might want to put some angle bracing in to triangulate the legs, the Shapeoko can accellerate quite hard and that shakes the table side to side and back to front.

It might also be worth putting the bottom panel of the nearly a torsion box you’ve got on the top there.

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Definitely put a torsion box top under the Shapeoko. You need the flat surface.

Mine has been stable for years, and there’s room to add a cover.


I created a new revision with a torsion box on top. I also decided to go with laminated plywood legs because I’ve always wanted to try it. I also planning on strapping the back with a 1/4 sheet of plywood. This should provide good racking resistance.

For the electronics, I’ve decided to setup a raspberry pi with a touch screen. I’ll probably have it mounted out in front of everything.



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