Wrench Holder with Tool Change Drop Zone

Used a scrap of pine 2x4 to make a better holder for oft used wrenches. I wanted a softer landing for end mills as a few have taken the dive during tool changes. My process was flatbed scan > photoshop for masking > inkscape to svg > carbide create for layout.

Positioning during tool change. Looks like I should relocate the zip tie mount so the new holder sits flush against the sheet metal.

And success! The foam is easily vacuum cleaned.

Still a little nervous about Sweepy height with deeper pockets. Definitely could have contained more of the chips, but they were fun to sweep up.

I will probably cut this again with a larger blank to better fill my enclosure (preventing voids that get filled with debris) and to tighten up the offsets around the wrenches.


Great idea! Added to the to do list.


What a great idea!

Just one comment, sorry: Bits with the jaggy part upwards could end in tears - or blood, at least, so please be careful.


Good point. Not sure if I will use this area or not since I have a tool tray. I had some leftover space on the blank, maybe this will be another rect pocket on next rev.

I keep my wrenches vertical, and they come out and go in the same way each time I use them. When you do a lot of tool changes, it is important to have these wrenches easy to get to.

I love my magnets, too.

(I am going to redo mine “someday” to get them closer together. EDIT: I forgot to say that I’m going to put both wrenches in the same slot, because I always use them together. I built this tray quickly as part of a Challenge before I knew what the hell I was doing! :smiley: Yes, the sharp points can draw blood!)


Clever use of magnets. I was thinking of putting some on the side for my next version so it “sticks” to the Shapeoko frame but is easily removed. Now you got me thinking about collet storage so they don’t walk off on me… I spent one tool change walking around my shop throwing my hands up because I couldn’t find the 1/8" collet (with a bit still in it). Ended up having to crawl on the floor to locate it!

What an awesome solution! I’ve (up until seeing this) been clumsily been trying to use the two wrenches to loosen the collet while cradling the bit. LOL Thanks!!!

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When you start reaching towards the back of your machine bed, you’ll wish your tray was not stabbing your front side. :smiley:

I love how fast it is to update and pop out a new prototype. Laminated two layers of 1/2" MDF, held it down with tape and glue method since it was cut to dimension already. BitZero got accurate zeroes, helped that it was held along a machine axis with the Carbide square kit. I was a little nervous about the outside chamfer since it could have turned out poorly.

Made this version wider to wrap around BitSetter, eliminated the stabby parts, and tightened the wrench offsets for a better fit.

Just needs a little finishing cleanup around the logo and contours and it’s ready for action.


I saw what you did there :rofl:

Except it won’t be ‘good’ if you stab you hand with it :nauseated_face:

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Hah! Why do you think I’ve been cultivating this belly cushion??

My enclosure frame sits in front of the machine, so I have something non-stabby to lean against when working deep in the machine. I’m quite fond of my knuckles though.

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I’ve had to ditch my beloved bit and tool tray now that I have a double decker bench… good problem to have. I still have to add the second laptop arm to this. I’ll have to implement your drop tray idea and modify it for my use.


Jelly. Hoping to add a Pro XL under my existing XXL as soon as it’s ready. Fingers crossed for January!

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That seems backwards to me.

XL a bit cheaper, and I don’t want to crawl the WHOLE way under my existing bench to work on the XL. I’m only in this for a certain level of torture :laughing:

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I was going to say, it was likely to have to not reach as far back. I just put my XXL below my Pro and I know my back and knees are going to revolt.

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Thanks for the idea, @theworkshope! I made one today based on your design:

The one crappy thing was the dreaded Static Disconnect issue happened three times over the course of this. I ended up being able to recover by shutting off the machine and turning it back on, then loading whatever toolpath it pooped the bed with and continuing on. After the third time I disconnected the dust collector and just chased the bit around the table with the vacuum hose. Not an ideal solution but I encountered no disconnects after doing that. I’ll get to that problem next.


Looks good! Is this like “Mama tried” to raise you right?

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Yeah I was listening to Merle Haggard earlier today while working on the design. Decided that’d be a good test to try advanced v carving in CC :blush:

I ended up with three tool changes for mine - 1/4" for all the big pocketing operations, 1/8" to trim the contours a little more closely (like around the wrench corners) and for the Bitsetter recess, and the 90deg Vee for carving. I should have used the 1/8" for VCarve pocketing to get cleaner letters, can’t remember why I chose not to. I really like the v-carve workflow though, and it makes pretty letters quickly.

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