X-Axis Issue - Sliding to the left

Hello everyone,

I posted about this issue before but the problem still exists. When I first bought my machine it was much more accurate at MUCH faster feeds and speeds. Now, even after slowing down the feeds and speeds the x-axis appears to slide and creates double and triple images. I have followed everyone’s advise with zero luck, meanwhile I am burning through expensive wood like no tomorrow.

Would anyone have any idea how to possible help me? I would really appreciate it. I just replaced the belts and the problem still occurs.

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If this has happened after a period of successful operation it is most likely a mechanical issue:

  • failing belt
  • loose V wheel

If accompanied by horrible noises it can be a connection issue.

Hi @Ustayclassy,

I read you other thread but could not tell whether it came to a conclusion last week ?

In addition to @WillAdams’ s advice (go and double-check ALL eccentrics nuts/v-wheels), have you checked that the X pulley is not slipping on the X-axis motor shaft ? A simple test is to draw a line with a marker like so:


(illustration is not the right axis, but you get the idea)

run your job, and when you see that it has produced the “double/triple image”, go and check that on that mark if the shaft and pulley are still aligned.

With the machine powered, if you try and move the X-axis left and right manually, do you feel any slop ?

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It was the X pulley. There was slop and the screw came loose. Thank you.

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That was it! Thank you so much for your help!

It’s great if you found the issue! I’m slightly confused though as to whether the problem was a loose V-wheel (and if so which one ? It’s always interesting to know, for the next time someone encounters a similar problem), or the pulley slipping on the motor shaft ? (since you marked my answer as the solution, but it was Will who hinted at a loose V-wheel :wink: )

My apologies :disappointed:… It was a loose X pulley. I tightened the screw and everything is working beautifully now.

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Cool beans!
Did you have a chance to double-check that one of the two setscrews is properly aligned to the flat section on the motor shaft ? That’s important to prevent the issue from reoccuring later.

That is actually exactly what happened. I tightened the set screw not realizing it needed to be aligned. It worked for about 3 hours and then the X-Axis stopped moving completely. After removing the motor I saw the flat section, and made the adjustment needed. Now it’s working great.

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Quick question, how tight should the 2nd setscrew be?

Good question…I don’t have fastening torque values in mind, and you may not have a torque wrench anyway.

“Reasonably tight, but stop before you strip the minuscule hex head”. Not very useful/quantifiable, I know…

Don’t worry too much, now that one setscrew is on the flat, you should be fine. Some people have changed to M3 cap screws on all pulleys, which allow for more torque to be applied, and presumably less chances of them loosening over time.

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