X-axis limit switch interference

I’m currently working on building my XXL, in to the Wiring section of the walk through. I just installed the X-Axis limit switch. I moved the carriage back and forth to make sure it contacted correctly, but noticed that the drag chain binds up on the bolt head that holds the switch to the mounting plate.
I moved the drag chain as far back as I could in the slot, but it’s still not enough to get clearance.

As far as I can tell, everything is mounted correctly. Is there a way around this?

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Usually this can be adjusted by loosening the hardware in question, pulling it into the desired alignment, then tightening it, sometimes slightly bending the drag chain bracket up will help. Some folks have found it helpful to put a couple of washers under the drag chain bracket to push it out into a better alignment (the drag chain should slightly hang off the rear of the extrusion), other solutions include sourcing a longer drag chain bracket from the hardware store, or placing a piece of angle on the extrusion to guide the drag chain.

Is the switch on the correct side of that bracket?

@mikep According to the pictures it is. If it was on the other side it would hit the belt tensioner (not sure if that’s a huge deal or not)

I added spacers between the Z-axis frame mount and drag chain arm. It moved the drag chain back away from the limit switch. It worked out quite nicely.

@HDRyder Beauty! That’s what I was looking for. Thanks Gary

I ran into this also when I recently setup my XXL. In addition to adding a couple of washers to the bolt for extra spacing, I also ended up simply drilling another hole in the mounting bracket itself (closer to the end). This combination has so far kept things from catching on the drag chain. :wink:

That thought had crossed my mind as well, extending the slot on the mounting bracket itself. Glad to hear it has been working well so far. Thanks Brian

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