X-axis Not Square

My Shapeoko xxl’s x axis is not perpendicular to the y axis rails. The x axis rail wanders to the right. In other words, when I move the x axis to the front or back there is a gap between the axis and the front plate on one side. The waste board and front plate is square. To resolve this, I was thinking of putting shivs into the attachment points on the x axis. I am wondering if I missed some mechanism to square the machine better, or if there is a better/ more elegant solution. Thanks.

Shims, or removing the rail and draw filing it to be square (this will be easier if you remove the other two rails and gang them up) are the two best options.

Thank you, I will try using the shims.

Update: I tried the shims and they worked perfectly. I lightly clamped the x axis rail to the front, and unscrewed the screws part way. Gaps formed, and I filled the gaps with shims. When I screwed it back together it was square.


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