X-Carve Pro Thoughts

Curious to see what the community thinks of the x-carve pro.

I love everything you get out of the box. BUT! Damn that pricing.

Thoughts have been posted here towards the bottom of the thread: Nomad 3 info, plus something else

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I think the machine looks OK but they’ve priced themselves into the Avid/Axiom market.

In my opinion (looking at videos of each haha…) is that the Shapeoko 3 Pro is of pretty similar rigidity, with a few less bells and whilstles (i.e. auto spindle control) at less than half the price. A lot of people online are saying the belts are a weak point but I do not agree… I think that using belts kept the price down but because they’re 15mm width there is minimal backlash or stretch.

I think its almost worth the sale price, soley because it is a fairly complete package, no way worth the full retail price. If they priced it at 4-5k I’d say it’s a decent buy. It’s hard to justify picking the Xcarve over an Avid or Axiom machine


Same here,

I think the XCarve Pro needs to sell against an Avid class machine.

My personal take on it is, it looks like a well built and rigid machine but the tiny collet on the spindle is a strategic mistake. I wouldn not go back to a smaller than ER20 collet and put up with not being able to use edge finders, a Haimer, 10 and 12mm and 1/2 inch cutters etc. There is so much you can do with a proper spindle and a larger collet and at that price I would expect it.


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