X-Limit Issue, 'Pull off did not clear'

Hey Team,

I am having issues with the X Axis limit switch. @Samcraft I have seen your videos - extremely helpful, thanks - but even with shimming and amending the position of the sensor more times than I can count I have not been able to get the machine to initialise properly.

The sensor itself is working fine, the light on the sensor, and on the board, and within the settings menu are all detecting as you would expect.

When the carriage moves towards the switch, the light comes on, the carriage stops, the machine finds home and then I get an error stating that the pull off did not clear. After watching the machine, many times, I cannot detect visually the machine moving away from the switch after the light comes on.

Once the initialisation has failed, the limit switch light remains on - if I immediately do another initialise, the carriage moves away from the XA limit switch, the light goes out, the carriage moves back towards the switch, the light comes on, the carriage stops dead, then failure…

I have sent the settings for both GRBL and Travel Dimensions within the settings. I have also sent a support request to Carbide, but being in NZ our times are not exactly aligned so thought that with the wealth of knowledge on here, it cannot hurt to throw to you lovely lot for opinions or thoughts.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Kind regards, Brad

Sounds like a faulty switch — please contact us about this at support@carbide3d.com

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Thanks @WillAdams , I have shot through to support as you say, and am working through with them.

It seems odd, as the switch seems to be acting and responding as I (admittedly a lay person) would expect, however the carraige is not backing off of the x axis once the limit switch comes on - like it does with the other axis. Anywho - I have sent through some videos to support. I will update here with the advice once we get to the bottom of it.


What’s your $27 value?

I am not sure if this is the correct way of finding this information, but running through an ‘initialise’ with the log turned on I can see from the heap of data that is spat out that $27=3.000

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That’s ok. Can you post the video here?

@neilferreri I can try, its short but large, I uploaded to iCloud and shared the link with support, so I’ll paste here…
Download Attachment

Available until 30/01/2021

Support asked me to straighten the Z axis sensor, so there is another vid of that here…
Download Attachment

Available until 30/01/2021

The fact that it stops means the switch is working. That’s a weird one though.
Troubleshooting is really limited with Carbide Motion as I think you’re forced to initialize.
Can you unlock the machine?
Send $X through the MDI.

I’m wondering if the movement left is not working correctly.

@neilferreri Movement left works, i have another vid here - if i reinitialise straight after a failed initialise then the gantry moves left to clear the sensor light, then comes right again.
Download Attachment

Available until 30/01/2021

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If you put something in front of the X switch before the carriage gets to it, does it still stop?
Any chance your X-switch is in a fluctuating state? Triggering, but bouncing. I’ve seen reports of the Pro machine users having to move/angle the switch.
Maybe @SLCJedi or @CNCInspiration could chime in.

First thing your Z switch is crooked.

That is is odd, not pulling off. Seems more like the switch is working but the controller is not telling it to back off.

Here is mine
Touch Off

He fixed that.

Yes, it is.

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Sorry I made it to the video and commented, should have kept reading!

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An unusual one, but what’s your $26 setting?
Try increasing it to like 100.
In the MDI send $26=100

My Z switch was just as crooked, can we crowd fund the assembly guys some reading glasses, a small level and some Dark Roast K cups please? :slight_smile:


Ahh that explains it…


The video is dark I am not sure if your limit switch is perfect, did you turn off the machine, pull it over to the bumpers, slide the limit switch up to the Z frame touching it evenly and tighten? Is the top of the limit switch even with the front edge of shiny part of the Z linear block?

While you are at it, did you check them all?
For the Y proximity switch, mine was placed too low and was not making contact. I used a piece of paper folded over for a distance gauge and adjusted the sensor up until it touched the paper. When I slid it off the paper it had a nice small even gap.

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