X/Y axis Linear Rail Lubrication

I understand how to lubricate Z as it has the M4 grubscrews covering the oil ports. However, the X/Y carriages do not have this- they are either blocked entirely, an open hole, or an open hole with some gold trim?

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be identical- and won’t dust get in the holes?

What has been shared thus far is at:

Hopefully @Luke will chime in to clarify things.

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Thanks, I read that. It seems to apply to lubricating Z axis carriages, but cannot be applied to the irregular X or Y carriages. I was surprised to see not all carriages are identical- some having the hole blocked, some open, etc.

Fairly certain the grub screw was not installed as it should’ve been at the factory.

I agree with you- I am nervous that if I surface the MDF bed it will damage the carriages with dust. There is no pattern regarding whether the hole is open, closed, or open with gold trim- which makes me think there is a problem. At the least it should be consistent.

Just emailed Carbide3D support, will let you know what they say.

It looks like there are a couple of things needing addressed in those pictures… keep posting updates on the resolution.

I’ll take a look at my carriages tomorrow and let you know if the grub screws are missing.

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The X and Y carriages on the pro do not have oil holes. Depending on the orientation there might be a screw in a hole but it doesn’t lead to anything. They are a different type of linear bearing.


Hi Luke, thanks for the response and letting me know its to be expected! Excited to try out the machine this weekend.

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