X Y Z axis tests

Here are three g-code files I created to test the accuracy of my X Y and Z axis. The X and Y axis files will cut 4 slots. You measure the distance from the first slot to each of the other three and they should be 1", 2" and 4". The z-axis file will cut a .125" deep pocket then bore a hole in the middle of the pocket. The hole should be .25" deep.

For the x-axis and y-axis tests you’ll need a piece that is 2" x 6" and .75" thick. The actual thickness doesn’t matter that much so long as you can cut a .25" deep slot. The origin is at the bottom left corner.

All g-code files use a 1/8" flat end mill.

Run the corresponding g-code file and be sure to label the pieces as they finish. The’ll look identical so you need to keep track of which is which.

For the z-axis test you’ll need a piece that is at least 2" x 2" and the origin is in the middle.

Now just measure the results.

My z-axis measurement was better that it shows in the picture. The caliper moved slightly when I took the picture.

Here are the g-code files…

x-axis test.nc (14.5 KB)
y-axis test.nc (15.0 KB)
z-axis test.nc (3.7 KB)


Thanks, great idea. Can you also provide a setup sketch, so we can know where X0 and Y0 are in reationship to the workpiece?

It should be obvious from two of the pictures above. The X and Y tests use the bottom left corner as the X0 and Y0. The Z test uses the center. Since the Z test starts with a 1.25" circular pocket, I would suggest setting your X0 and Y0 at least 1" from the edges for that test.

While it may be obvious “today” but not perhaps in a few months when the programs are used. It is common curtesy to provide a simple setup sheet to aid the future user. The 3 files can easily be saved, and setting the X0 and Y0 locations to memory is not a good idea. If it is too much of a bother I’ll draw something up and post it.

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I added a “X” and “Y” to the X and Y axis test pieces so you can’t get them mixed up after milling. I am also including setup sheets as requested.

X-axis test.nc (21.2 KB) Setup Sheet for X axis test.pdf (260.8 KB)
Y-axis test.nc (18.3 KB) Setup Sheet for Y axis test.pdf (254.0 KB)
Z-axis test.nc (3.8 KB) Setup Sheet for Z-axis test.pdf (287.2 KB)