XXL Aluminum Baseboard - Part Two

Well, apparently I need to post more often the previous thread was closed. :slight_smile:

This is the continuation of this thread.

It took a while, but I finally got all of the 3D designed and printed drag chain brackets done and installed on my XXL. I’ll be most likely posting them on Thingiverse when I decide to not be lazy. I even managed to get the VFD cable and water lines routed through it. Now to print a bullet shaped shuttle to go on the end of my fish tape to get the rest of the wires through the drag chain sections.

Pics! Everyone loves pictures. I printed the parts in a matte black PLA. I just love the satin finish on the parts.


Now you are tempting me again to get a 3D printer!

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I’m not going to tell you (do it) what to do (do it). I’m just saying (do it) that they are very handy (do it) for designing and printing helpful things.

But it is entirely up to you to decide (doooo iiiiit).



Did you run the spindel power cord through the drag chain? I did that a few months ago and it result in interference. I got connection issue between the computer and the SO3 and jobs were abruptly stopped. Removing the power cord out of the drag chain resolved the problem. I am wondering if you did ran any job successfully since.

I did run the spindle power cable through the drag chain. I am not done setting up the machine. I ran into an issue where one of the stepper motor wires ended up being short due to my routing, so I ordered more wire.

I am also using Belkin insulated VFD wire, and I followed their grounding and hookup instructions, so I am hoping that the EMI is a non-issue. Also, with the SO3 controller board on the side of the machine instead of on the gantry like my small SO3, the cables run next to each other for only 18 inches (0.45m) or so. If there is an issue, I will take the USB cable running to the SO3 controller out of the drag chain and route it away from the VFD cable.

I am hoping to get time to replace the stepper motor wire this weekend and run some air cuts with the spindle running to see how it performs.

Yeah having the controller on the gantry didn’t help in my case. I wish you luck :slight_smile: oh and please let us know how that spindle perform.

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Those brackets look great, really give the new drag chains a polished look! I too am now tempted to dive into 3d printing, have been eyeing some builds for a while.

After my initial comment, I have looked at 3D printers but there are so many choices with price to match. I have looked at reviews and there are dozens recommended. I will start another thread to discuss.

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