XXL Aluminum Baseboard

@Griff, I am using SolidWorks, but I just looked it up and apparently Fusion 360 can import SolidWorks .sldprt and .sldasm models.

Here is the folder where you can get them. I’ll save the first one as a .sldprt and see if you can open and manipulate it. If not, we’ll find a file format that you can easily modify.

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Got it, thanks so much.
That will work fine I believe.

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Spent a few hours working on the next part of the drag chain brackets. The transition to the gantry was just going to be too big for one piece, so I made it quite a few pieces. They are held together with #4-40 screws from McMaster-Carr - mainly because I have a few boxes of them.

There is one bracket (magenta) that sits on the two 1" long x 3/8" OD aluminum stepper motor spacers, and has a screw that pins the bracket to the spacer so it can’t move.

The brown bracket has adjustable slots so that it can properly support the curved bracket at the right height regardless of the stepper motor height (due to needing to tighten the toothed belt).

Also, the green curved bracket has adjustment slots in case things just don’t line up like they should.

And if I can do it right, here is a screen grab video.

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Pretty sweet design. THIS sort of thing is why I bought the PRUSA Mk3! (now mk3s)

I’m going to continue my education in Fusion360 and see what I can come up with using your models as inspiration.

Thanks for posting.

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Here’s a quick update. I printed the stepper motor bracket and brace. Other than some small tweaks, they fit as designed. Once the rest of the parts are printed I’ll find out if they are going to work.


Well, all of the 3D printed parts fit together just fine, but I missed the drag chain minimum bend radius by an inch. Sooooo, I am going to move the rear drag chain bracket down so that the drag chain is level with the bottom of the waste board. That will also give the Belkin VFD wire a lot larger bend radius as well.

That means I am going to have to move the gantry bracket down to the bottom of the extrusion as well and have the bracket on the Z-axis a little bit higher I originally planned.

No worries, I’ll get it to work.


Looking real good!

I love seeing 3D printed functional parts. It seems like a lot of what I see on the 3D printer collections is more artsy these days (I’m guilty of printing some Yoda heads and octogoats myself). It’s really nice to see tools making tools!



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