Xxl cutting slightly off moving across the x axis

Lately I’ve been having issues with using the advanced vcarve feature and also designs that have my cutter running back across the same line. If I use the advance vcarve feature and pocket it out first before switching to a vbit, the vbit will not cut in the proper spot as the cutter moves across the x axis. If my design runs multiple times over the same line it will be slightly off if the original cut had the router moving left to right across the x axis and then if it runs right to left when it goes back over the line. I’ve been trying to diagnose what’s causing this but i have been unsuccessful in correcting the issue

Hi @rsmedley

This can typically happen if one of your pulley setscrews are loose or not positioned properly (with one of the two setscrews aligned with the stepper motor shaft’s flat)

Check out this picture:


If your cut has horizontal lines from successive passes shifted along the Y axis, check the Y axis motor pulley set screws (both of them)

if your cut has vertical lines from successive passes shifted along the X axis, check the X axis motor pulley set screw.


Replaced my set screws with a better option - no problems since:


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