XXL Spoilboard 1.5" x 676

Built this for the Aluminum 1.5"x 676 hole aluminum base plate. If anyone needs the files let me know.

This one hole… The other 168 are good but this one…


Can you post the file, please? And where did you get your aluminum waste board from? I got mine from Amazon/Ohio Diesel Parts.

I also bought my aluminum boards from Ohio Diesel Parts. Very good purchase IMO.
Here is the fusion 360 files. It gets a little bit complicated to make these. It took quite a bit of time and there is a ton of little details that can get tedious. If you need help let me know.
I can make these and ship them in a week if anyone wants to save the time and trouble. I was thinking about a tutorial but it would take a long time to put it together and I am trying to carve some cool Xmas presents, the days are flying by!

I included 2 tool paths for examples but you will need to make the rest. You can only cut one at a time you need to flip the MDF around to get the second side and do not forget to reset your model orientation point!
I would plunge the holes through the bottom for clean MDF cuts or the paper will tear.
3 sheets of 1/2" thick 24x48 MDF - (one for spoilboard to make spoilboards on lol)
201 1/4 flat end mill for removing material
1/8 flat end mill for boring the holes.
.75 diameter 90 or 82 degree countersink v bit
36 or more 5/8" long 5/16 x 18 flat head Allen key socket cap bolts to hold it down.
5/8" Socket Caps
Lots of model selecting and un-selecting during machining on lots of separate setups for tool paths… Yeah…
There are hole blockers to hide the holes after they are cut for adaptive clearing tool paths.
Seperate models for cutting holes and clearing the ledges.
Leave Onion Skin off for boring holes, then use Onion skin for first adaptive clearing, add finishing toolpaths and select just the bevels or they will be stepped but they are hard to see when it is bolted down, so your call on that.
Remove onion skin and use slot clearing for final cutout, .05 below MDF base to cut out the paper or it will rip.
Holes are .325 to allow for easy bolt access with no edges touching.
Make sure you are dialed in before cutting or bolt hole dimensions might not be exact.
Ledges are .1 inch and should allow for multiple surfacing sessions.
You bought a very expensive spoil board with 676 holes. Check out this gyroscopic bit driver by Dewalt. Makes removal and installation much faster and easier.
Gyroscopic Screwdriver
Lets see the results! Good luck.

XXLSpoilboards.zip (1.9 MB)


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