Y not moving properly

Just assembled 3XXL… trying to initialize. The Z seems to work, but the Y is jerking and twisting and not moving. I have checked the connections a couple of times. Any ideas?

Seems I can’t upload an MP4 video to show the problem.

Please check the wiring for the two Y-axis connectors — all wiring extensions should be straight through, and all wiring connectors should be consistent, stepper motors may be reversed in several ways:

  • swap the left and right pair of wires
  • reverse the ordering of the wires in the left or the right pair
  • reverse all four wires

Do whichever is appropriate to match the other wiring connectors — use a small tool to pop out the wiring lead pins and when reinserting them, make certain that they click into place. See: http://www.pcbheaven.com/exppages/Reuse_and-or_extend_the_Molex_connectors/

Looking at the connectors, Stepper motors wires are blue, black,green,and red. On Y2, Stepper blue goes to red, Sblack to white, Sgreen to green, Sred to black. On Y1, Sblue to red, Sblack to green, Sgreen to white, Sred to black. So the white and green wires on the Y1 are in different positions compared to Y2… I want to assume the Y1 is incorrect, but need to verify.

How are X and Z wired up? List all four motor connectors and it should be obvious what the correct order is.

They had this issue with their z and there are pics of how they should be wired and how they changed the pins on the axis that was giving them issues.

Yes, the Y2 had two wires out of place. I removed the pins from the connector and switched them. That did the trick. Merry Christmas and thanks.


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