Y went further back than normal

So I have set my Zero as the furthest the shapeoko Pro will go in the Top Left Corner. I have even cut a guide that shows the “no go area” in Y and X.

This has been working really great for me. However tonight when running a job, the shapeoko started making a hole in an area where I technically believed it could not go.

So the question
a) is this an anomaly and I should just ignore it unless it happens again? ; or
b) is there a way to get an even longer Y cutting space?

this happens to me if I define a setup that is larger than the area my S3 XXL can travel… aka I tell it to surface 40" in the Y direction. When it hits inch 33 or so the X gantry hits the rear Y plates and the motors lose steps. Subsequently the X Gantry is closer to the Y plates then the limit switches allow and I end up milling past where I should be able to.


I wrote up a bit about how the origin point, rapid positions, and allowed jogging distances map to the physical structure of the machine at:


@MarkDGaal that was the solution

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