Z axis creeping

I noticed that the depths of the z axis were getting shallower as the program progressed. Discovered that the set screws were loose and not on the flat, but…were lock-tighted(?) in place. In the process of fixing that problem I succeeded in breaking the Z axis belt.(Don’t ask, I won’t tell!). I emailed support yesterday morning, inquiring about purchasing a replacement, before their office hours, but heard nothing back from them. Does this fall under support or purchases or is there another way to get an answer? Thanks.

I don’t know, that’s something they will need to answer, but my gut tells me that they will send you a belt.

Where are you located?

Florida. Thanks. Hopefully, I will hear something Monday.

Maybe someone hear you has an extra belt.

Replacement sources?


I believe you could just work up a clamp and fasten that where the fixed pulley is located.

Thanks Will. Didn’t know this was an “off-the-shelf” item. Am ordering right now!

A fair bit of the machine is.

I’d like to update the Parts overview page at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Parts w/ purchase / source links and notes, for the Shapeoko 3-specific parts (but c.f., http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Shapeoko_3#Bill_of_Materials_.28B.O.M..29 ), but haven’t found time or occasion yet. If anyone has (or wants a wiki account) and would like to work on that, it’d be welcome. In the meanwhile, adding that link now.

If you’re curious about the belts and pulleys, there’s a bit more information at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Belts_and_Pulleys

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I am currently having this same problem. Which set screws did you tighten?

I answered another question earlier and this may of use.

Your Z axis may be going all the way up and losing position. Plus your mill bit may be loose and each pass it is pushed further up in the collet. To check for this after tightening your bit mark it was a marker where it meets the collet. Check if the bit is still where you left it after tightening and making a pass or two (pause the file, the bit retracts and you can shut off router and check for mark)

3" (Max Z )-.75"(Supplemental Spoil Board)-.472" (12MM Retract)=1.78" Maximum Project Height To be safe you may want to limit to 1.75" maximum project height.

3" (Max Z) - 75" (Supplemental Spoil Board) - .393" (10MM Retract)=1.875" Maximum Project Height

3" (Max Z) - .472" (12MM Retract Height)= 2.58" Maximum Project Height (No Supplemental Spoil Board)

3" (Max Z) -.393" (10MM Retract Height)=2.61" Maximum Project Height (No Supplemental Spoil Board)

The above are based on full Z travel both down and up.

You could be losing some Z axis height depending on your router depth in router bracket with bit protruding decreasing the 3" Max Z axis height slightly. If the Z axis cannot go all the way down you loose Z axis height. Check if your router can cut through the project to the factory spoil board and/or supplemental spoil board with the protruding bit you have and adjust the router in the mount to get maximum Z axis height. Most pictures I have seen have the router all the way down in the mount. The gantry is 5.5" ± above the factory spoil board, and the Z axis mounting plate is 4.5" ± above factory spoil board. Make sure you have maximum Z axis travel and limit your project height as above. If you do not have full Z axis travel when retracting you may hitting limit and slipping on the Z axis and your cut depth will decrease each pass it slips.

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