Z-Axis cutting too deep

I have a new Pro XXL with the BitSetter. After Zeroing X,Y,Z, I’m prompted to change bits, it measures Z-Probe on the bitsetter, and then everything is cut about 1/16th of an inch too far. Pockets too deep, cutouts go 1/16th into the waste MDF, etc. Hmmm, is there a calibration I need to complete? I’m using digital calipers to measure board thickness and pocket depth, confirming the depth error. I could live with a 1/128th, or heck even a 1/64th - but a full 1/16th is a big error.

What have you configured your Z-axis as?

How are you probing for XYZ? How is the BitZero positioned?

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Are you using a BitZero? Are you doing a Z-only probe? Is the BitZero On Top of the material, and not ‘hooked’ over the edge?

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I set Zero by hovering the bit directly over the lower left to get bullseye on the corner, then use a piece of tracing paper to just barely touch the bit to the top surface. I clear zero’s for X,Y,Z in that exact spot, run job and the Pro goes to the bitsetter that is installed in the factory position by the on/off switch. I do not change bits in this process.

Not sure how to answer, “What have you configured your Z-Axis as?” Can you restate the question differently? Thanks!

Do you have the Z-plus or did you upgrade to the HDZ? Assuming you have the Z-plus, in your configuration, did you set it correctly as a Z-plus?

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After you set zero, what happens when you jog up a known amount, say until CM says
1 inch. How much does the Z actually move?

If you have a recent version of CM, one of the provided 'User Actions" is to move the Z to 1 inch above zero.

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