Zeroing on Shapeoko

I have a touch probe and a bit setter. But I purchased a Bit Probe Setter Case off of Etsy. It holds the touch probe and has a bit setter built into it. Looks like a good idea. BUT… I can’t imagine how this, attached by an overhang to the front brace of the Shapeoko, will set my X and Y axis. Or the Z for that matter. It seems to me I would need to set the axis zeroes using the touch probe in the usual lower left corner position. I’m new to this ( you already figured that out) and feel a little lost.

Did you already figure out how to use the bitzero and the bitsetter the “normal” way without the holder? (the case I found googling seems to have a bitsetter switch built in to it)

As the bit zero is in the case then, no, it can’t set a workpiece zero on the machine. You could theoretically set a consistent zero point on the machine and use offsets to workholding jigs, but from the pics there is a curved edge of the bitzero upward which would make that rather difficult.

Do you follow the difference between the machine co-ordinates and zero vs. the workpiece zero ?

Don’t you just use the probe as a probe and then put it back in the holder when you’re not probing?

I believe I know the diff. The machine zero is based on the boundaries of the machine. And the workplace zero changes depending on where I place my wood. ??ill try it in a bit and see what happens.

I have used a touch probe alone. But on occasion the Z was not right. That why I bought this combo.

Thanks a ton.

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That might be it. But the darn thing had NO instructions.


And, as usual, I agree with Neil, it looks like a holder for the bitzero and you’re meant to place the bitzero on the workpiece to set workpiece zero.

If it’s the bitsetter I’m thinking of, go to the sellers page and there is a link for the instructions.

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