2.2kw spindle experiences

Hello, I recently received my new 2.2kw water cooled spindle and VFD in the mail. The only reason this unit isn’t already installed… well, it’s 220v single phase and my workshop shed currently only has 115v split phase… for now. In the meantime, while I do the work necessary to upgrade my electric to single phase, I’d like to get some feedback. Like to hear from some folks who have done this 2.2kw spindle upgrade. Perhaps get some first hand experiences a long with any pros, cons and potential pitfalls to avoid.


I’m not sure which spindle and vfd combination you are referring to but I have a Huanyang HY02D223 B VFD paired with a Huanyang GDZ-80-2.2A. Works flawlessly for me between 6000 and 24000 rpm.

I really appreciate the qiuet operations. I have seen some folks reporting configuration errors. you could review them here.

VFD Error with Huanyang HY02D223B and GDZ-80-2.2A spindle

and here

Shapeoko 5 pro and vfd spindle issues

This one is identical and same specs.

Only downside is I didn’t get a connector with it. So I need to identify and order one.

This is the VFD that I got with it, says A2 series.

If you are still in a return window return it. If the manufacturer does not supply the hardware required to set up then return it. If you cannot return it measure the connector and find a good electrical supply and see if they can help you. You can search google until your turn blue and maybe you will find the connector.

its a 4 pin aviation connector i’ll look at mine in the morning, it’s pretty standard

Getting the connector is a non-issue to me. I may even hardwire it. Considering I paid $100 for both the spindle and VFD, I’m not concerned with the little things.

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