3D Printed Parts holder for the Sweepy 2 65mm

I wanted to implement a pen holder, layout marking Laser holder and even a camera holder for the Shapeoko for irregular use. Rather than clutter the Z axis, It occured to me to use a Swepy two and remove the vaccum hose when doing these tasks as it was not required.

It was a logical step to use the space for a 3D printed part.

I’ll upload design files if 1) anyone wants them and 2) nobody laughs at my lack of expertise.


This laser is only for getting a sense of positioning of material and the bounds of a job. I know, by measurement, the offset from the center of the spindle in x and y direction and the Z calibration is by trial - but ends up a constant. I have also put a metal probe instead of the laser to use with a BitZero for alignment.

It really an experimental idea to allow for the carrying of anything from a marker pen to a drag blade like those used on a Silhouette cutter. You can print loads of drop ins and use the four slots for alignment if you create a grub screw hole in the Sweepy sidewall.

vinyl blade


Sorry I missed the laser functionality purpose question.

This laser is used to mark with cross hairs and is a good way of letting me ensure my use of off cuts will land in the right place or re positioning a previously cut object and referencing.

For a cutting laser I’m looking at doing the following.

add extra drag chains. Done. See post below.

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Thanks for the praise and for the information on th laser. I’ll look it up further

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I took your idea and made an insert for a hose adapter I made for the Sweepy out of 3/4" plywood. The original adapter is on Cutrocket here - Sweepy Dust Port Adapter

The insert fits a plotter / pen fixture made from PVC parts.



:+1: does the job and that’s what counts.

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