3D Printed Parts holder for the Sweepy 2 65mm

I wanted to implement a pen holder, layout marking Laser holder and even a camera holder for the Shapeoko for irregular use. Rather than clutter the Z axis, It occured to me to use a Swepy two and remove the vaccum hose when doing these tasks as it was not required.

It was a logical step to use the space for a 3D printed part.

I’ll upload design files if 1) anyone wants them and 2) nobody laughs at my lack of expertise.


A nice idea to produce that. It keeps the laser beam near to the Z axis. How far from the workpiece do you have to position the laser head? How have you fixed the laser in the housing?

This laser is only for getting a sense of positioning of material and the bounds of a job. I know, by measurement, the offset from the center of the spindle in x and y direction and the Z calibration is by trial - but ends up a constant. I have also put a metal probe instead of the laser to use with a BitZero for alignment.

It really an experimental idea to allow for the carrying of anything from a marker pen to a drag blade like those used on a Silhouette cutter. You can print loads of drop ins and use the four slots for alignment if you create a grub screw hole in the Sweepy sidewall.

vinyl blade


Hi David. I understand, thanks for the explanation. It is just a bit too early in the morning for me and I have only a few brain cells awake at this time. Is the laser a pair of cross hairs or do you use it to bur designs?

OK, I get it now. I like the idea of using the sweepy as a universal holder for things which are not excessively heavy. I have the original 65mm sweepy and it takes the weight of the vacuum hose without difficulty.

Sorry I missed the laser functionality purpose question.

This laser is used to mark with cross hairs and is a good way of letting me ensure my use of off cuts will land in the right place or re positioning a previously cut object and referencing.

For a cutting laser I’m looking at doing the following.

add extra drag chains. Done. See post below.

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Very nicely done, David. I like the neat working and your general approach to constructing something new.

Incidentally, I use a JTech 4.2W laser and I can highly recommend the company and their products if you have no more need than a 7Watt diode laser. The company is super responsive to any issues and their customer service is like Carbide’s (second to none).

I also use Lightburn software which has to be the top of the pile for laser use and it is cheap to buy and Oz gives fantastic support.

Thanks for the praise and for the information on th laser. I’ll look it up further

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I took your idea and made an insert for a hose adapter I made for the Sweepy out of 3/4" plywood. The original adapter is on Cutrocket here - Sweepy Dust Port Adapter

The insert fits a plotter / pen fixture made from PVC parts.



:+1: does the job and that’s what counts.

Go seniors go! :wink: Nice work Bill.