5v Drive for bed LEDs on CM 2.4e PCB?

I have a strip of white LEDs that I want to mount beneath the X-gantry, and ideally power from the Carbide Motion v2.4e controller PCB (to avoid having more power cables, etc).

It looks like there is a PWR molex connector at the right centre edge of the PCB, and above it some un-pinned holes labelled 5v and GND. Are these sensible to use, given the current draw of probably 200mA?

I would recommend using the 24V output instead (see here for where you can get it on the board).

I did an X-rail LED strip mod and a spindle ringh light mod, connected them to the 24V, no issues.

Yes, 24V rail will be the most abundant, given this is likely only limited by the power brick. I need to think about heat from stepping 24 down to 5v for the LED strip: 24v-5v=19v at 250ma is 4.75w to lose as heat, either that or I will see if I have a car USB charger stick I can plunder the PCB from to get a switch-mode step-down and drop the power loss to 100mw or so.

Just use a small buck converter, they’re not very expensive at 10 for $12



I chose to be lazy and select a 24V LED strip :slight_smile:


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