Aspirations for Art on my Shapeoko

(Gary Mitchell) #1

I’ve begun work intending to do this project on my Shapeoko. I’m using Blender to build the 3d models. I figure it really won’t get rolling until Winter when the cold makes me not want to go out in the shop. But the decision is made and I feel good about it


Impossible challenge?
(Julien Heyman) #2

ambitious and inspiring !


(Jeremy Fischer) #3

That’s gorgeous! Please keeps us all updated!

How do you plan to do the legs? I can imagine a jig to hold the legs at a 45 while doing the carving but with my stock XXL, that would be too thick of a material.


(Gary Mitchell) #4

At first glance the legs are 75x75mm which gives 106mm at the Hypotenuse. Three methods are possible at first glance

Jig Method: The wasteboard to the HDZ is around 119mm so I’d have little room to spare to jig it.

Leg in 2 sections: Slicing the leg diagonally in a single cut at 45" would be complex since my Powermatic 2000 10" table saw can only cut 54mm deep at 45 degrees (per spec). The carve would be limited to 53mm deep if the cut were centered. Offsetting the cut might be a solution to keep within the table saw limits, solves carve depth, and could allow hiding the glue line inside the case. It would allow glueing up a slightly larger piece and hand planing it flush to the leg. Sounds promising.

Leg in 4 sections: allows using face grain on all 4 sides but not real useful since 2 sides are mostly hidden here.


(Jeremy Fischer) #5

Doing a cut that’s offset from the hypotenuse sounds like the way to go. Clearly, you’ve been planning this through.

It’s also good to know the clearance between the HDZ and the wasteboard. I’ve been giving serious thought to upgrading to that in order to cut thicker stock. I thought it had more clearance than that. It’s not a deal breaker but is good to know.


(Gary Mitchell) #6

Started in the design

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(Gary Mitchell) #7

Making progress. A little more to finish the pillar in the corner post. I can then copy the corner post for the other corner. Then I can start the figurines which are different for each post. I may delay the figurines and work on some of the other parts first; I get a little bored with the same part day after day.