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Good evening all, I am new to CNC’ing and I recently got Aspire. In aspire which post processor is anyone using? I picked the grbl and it seems to work with carbide motion but didn’t know if there was a better post processor. Thanks in advance.

There is one at:

and more (were) listed at:

EDIT: The forum links from that were:

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Thanks Will from what I am reading I am using the one your post suggests. Just trying to learn from others what they are utilizing.

I am using Neil’s PP for VCarve (linked in that post) and love it.


I seen the post but honestly I am not great with computers and I wouldn’t know where to start to install that hahaha. I read some of the posts and it is a complete foreign language to me, but I am working on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

For those Nomad-ers out there, the version at the above link did not work for me since CM did not like the leading spaces it generates for the GCode instructions. I made a custom one, based on it and other’s, for VCarve Desktop 10.5 and have been using it for several months with no issue. It removes all of the things that were already present in the imported grbl preprocessor.

It’s metric since small values for inches hurt my head. (507 Bytes)

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It’s quite easy actually (once you know how to do it, that is :slight_smile: ):

First, you need to go to the directory where post-processors live:

Then, once you are in that directory, you just create a sub-directory called “MyPostP”, place the post-processor file of your choosing in it, and restart VCarve/Aspire: it will then appear (alone, which is nice to not have to scroll through a giant list) in the post-processor selection list in the toolpath save menu.


It is a neat solution. Editing PP files is straightforward, with the caveat of “once you know how to do it”. In the latest version (10.5.x) there is a ‘Install PP’ option in the menus too. The key thing to keep in mind is that what the PP files ‘dictate’ into your .gcode files is what your machine will attempt to follow - the good, the bad and the damaging…
I have been using a lightly modified PP of my own, but have just downloaded @neilferreri’s more comprehensive version, based on @Julien’s recommendation. Dreaming up a project now to give it a run for real…


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