Bitrunner....gone forever?

Is it gone forever, or is another batch planned for the near future?

Or, is there an alternate way to get the on/off via code functionality?

An alternative way is to just wire in a relay (or go whole hog and set up a spindle which is wired into the control board using the electronics used for this on the Nomad).


@WillAdams I like the IoT Relay option…but i’m not on FB and can’t see how to wire/install it. Are those details posted anywhere else?

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@stanmckinnon Hey Stan - interesting diagram! I’m not attempting to cut the router power with the hold switch, rather, I just have a momentary switch hooked to the feed hold (and a panic panel to kill everything) - but I have a question with your setup.

With my setup, when I press the momentary (NO) switch, CM pauses…however, the interface does not enable the start button to let me resume. I have to press the momentary a second time in order to get CM to enable the button and then I can resume. How does this affect your setup? I’m guessing that your hold button musn’t be momentary, or it would turn your router back on again as soon as you let go…but, if your hold button is not momentary, then how do you get restart to enable?

I’m probably missing something obvious…so thanks for the patience!

We’ve got an interim batch in production while we work on V2, which is still a little ways off.


Any rough timing on the “interim batch” or the V2?

I don’t want to risk messing anything up, so could someone either give me links to momentary switch ,router enable switch and wall wart that i need to purchase? I would prefer to order from DigiKey if possible.

We’re looking at about 4 weeks for the next batch. We got a lot of feedback from customers who really wanted one so we went ahead and ordered another round of V1 while we work on V2. We’ll post here on the forum before we go live to give everyone here a heads up.


fwiw I love my bitrunner… it’s awesome


My XXL came with a bitrunner plug on the board but I can’t get a bitrunner? I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron but where do I get the opposite gender plug to attach my own relay? I asked carbide support but they can’t seem to help.

Hi @Justdriftn,

Check out this post:

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6 pin is the one I have. Great. Thanks much for the info!

Any chance you can share what’s planned for v2?


@Jorge …sooooo…it’s been about 4 weeks :thinking: Any updates for us impatient individuals?!


We have most of the parts in-house, we’re just waiting on sheetmetal and boxes which should be here next week. Once we get the sheetmetal and we can start assembly we’re looking at about ~2 weeks but check back here and I’ll keep you guys updated.


@Jorge Any updates on an ETA for the bitrunner (V1 or V2)?


I am also interested.


@Jorge Is Shapeoko Pro compatible with v1 or v2 of Bitrunner?

I think both since the connector looks the same… but that’s an educated guess.

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