Brass, bronze and silver jewelry

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Hi there!
I am a former sustainability consultant and newly jewelry designer. I quitted my job in May to become a full time jeweler :smile:
I purchased a Nomad 883 this spring and I recently launched my first jewelry line using the Nomad. You can see below a picture of the final jewelry. For some unknown reason, I can only post one picture because I’m a new user :disappointed:. I use mostly brass, bronze and silver sheets, 0.8mm thick. The Nomad really allows me to replicate multiple and identical units of the patterns and shapes I have in mind. Before, I used to do all the cuts by hand, which was a nightmare!
If you’re interested, you can see the complete collection here:
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Cutting Name Necklaces with Nomad on Brass (0.8mm thick)
Jewellery details from the Nomad?

Looks really great. Is it cost effect to cut silver vs a mold?


(Tina Aspiala) #3

Metalsmith here too–you can gather up the silver shavings each time and when you have enough, melt them down into something else, like another sheet of silver. :slight_smile:

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(Camille Ouellette) #4

Thanks Chadw! I do the same as Spongefile, I keep the silver dust. There are also places that will buy precious metal scraps, like RioGrande. I haven’t done the math, but my feel is that when you reach a certain level of production, like producing hundreds of units, making a mold will probably be more cost effetive.


(Apollo Crowe) #5

Camillette - Very nice pieces, photos, and story, thank you for posting- beautiful!
And thanks for posting your instagram acct, you have a new follower!
ps: Congratulations on quitting your job! Glad the Nomad could help. :wink:


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Hi ApolloCrowe,
Thanks for the good works on my work, I appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ll try to post more pictures when I’ll have new pieces.


(Joseph Hinton) #7

When cutting brass or silver, do you need to use a coolant liquid? Do you use cutting oil at all?


(Camille Ouellette) #8

Hi Joseph,

Yes, I do use coolant. Especially for brass since it’s harder than silve. It extends the bit’s life.


(Renee) #9

Hi Camilette,
Your work is amazing, I’m a jeweler as well and just received my Nomad and want to make brass charms. Could you share what speed and feed you use? I will mostly be working with 20 and 22ga brass sheeting.


(Nyron Dindial) #10

hi what end mills are you using for those silver stopper earnings?


(Camille Ouellette) #11

Hi there,
I use those :

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