Breaking closed vectors

If I wanted to break up this closed vector, in hopes that I could get CC to just follow the outside of the letters but not cut the profile at the top of the stock, how would I one go about that?

Node editing mode seems like a likely place, but it wants to keep the object enclosed.

Carbide Create doesn’t have the ability to convert a vector from closed to open — you would either need to export as an SVG to edit in a program which could do this, or edit the file so that you could then punch the original out of an offset copy to make closed geometry which would have the desired result.

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Please see a previous example at:

c.f., Vee bit cutting accuracy issues - #15 by WillAdams

If you’ll post your file we’ll gladly work up a step-by-step tutorial for you.

Thanks. I got the job done. This particular project definitely moved me closer to being a power user of CC.

Offset geometry, boolean wizardy, node editing, tracing…this one had me do it all. I also tried in F360 but in the end CC outshined for this project


@gsrunion I’m particularly fascinated with your 5th toolpath naming convention. That must have been one difficult toolpath!

:slight_smile: the waste space inside the a was too delicate to leave to a contour operation. Turning it into a closed vector for pocketing early in the cut was challenging.

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