Carbide Create 757 Pocket, Ramping, Starts Way up High?

Just getting used to the Carbide Create 757 Pro version and loving the “Ramping” feature.

I have been exploring with the stock 20º vs 10º and both work great, especially for aluminum.

However, I have been noticing that the ramping will start way up high for a pocket cut path.

It looks to be as high as the “Retract Height” of around 0.5" (I need to watch out for work holding!).

My question is: how can I make use of this feature without having the ramping start at the retract height?

Ideally it would start near the surface.

With it as such now it adds quite a bit of time to my cut paths as it is slowly ramping through pure air for the first 0.5".

Is there a way to change how this works or maybe I am misunderstanding what is going on or there is a deeper setting somewhere?


We found a bug for some ramps when the zero is set at the bottom of the part. It’s fixed, we just need to get the fix released in the next day or two.


Absolutely great news to hear! I look forward to the next update.

Thank you for keeping on it.

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It did it to me yesterday using Top of Stock for zero. Looking for file.

Give 764 a shot Carbide Create Beta 760 - #49 by robgrz

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