Carbide Create file to cut new hybrid table slats Shapeoko Pro 5 4x4

Does anyone have or does Carbide 3d provide a Carbide Create file to cut new hybrid table slats that exactly match the ones that ship with the Shapeoko Pro 5 4x4? Preferably with all the holes, counter sunk holes, layers and tool paths already in the file.

Also can we purchase exact replacement slats from Carbide 3D or other third party seller?


There’s a 4x2 file on Cutrocket:

which could be adapted (see below)

and a guide for the 4x4

The problem of course is that it’s not really possible to make new slats in a straight-forward fashion — they don’t quite fit, unless you cut them on a diagonal, which is a pain:

Or, of course, one could tile or rotate if the boards are the right length, or if one cut them to length w/ the second operation.

I believe @Radiation worked up a file for cutting strips which are a bit short — check in at support.

We don’t sell them, MDF is heavy, and the square corners are fragile and breakage rates for such are high in our experience.

I don’t know of any 3rd party sellers, but it should be possible to use:

to have someone make them w/ a table saw and a drill press — or just pull a filler strip in reasonable condition and use it as a template.

Thank you.

However, I must ask the obvious. Why is there not a finished, complete, tested file with all tool paths and layers already provided by Carbide with which a 4x4 owner can cut their own slats? Design the file to be cut in 2ft sections so it would fit evenly and square to cut on the 5 Pro 4x4 and then assemble together to fit 4x4.

You sent a link to slats for a 4x2 from CutRocket and said that file could be adapted. Why hasn’t Carbide “adapted” this file for 4x4 users? Why put the burden on the user?

Why not provide the file that you guys use to produce the slats for the 4x4 machines you sell? At least then we would have the option of having cut on a larger machine somewhere else.

Having owned 5 CNCs from X-Carve and Openbuilds, I will say the Shapeoko Pro 5 is a vastly superior machine. Why fall short then on such an obvious need for your users?

Not providing these slats or a finished ready to go Carbide Create file is really a huge miss for Carbide 3d.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

We have such a file — as noted, write in to for it.

Here’s that thread

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I think here the need is always different, or at least I’ve found it to be that way. Some users may only need one slat made at a time, or 3, or they need a custom stock size because big box store sells MDF in x size or MDF sheet was cut to a certain dimension to fit in someone’s vehicle. Or they want a specific thickness. Or in a specific material.


Thank you

What is the name or reference of the file that I need to request from support?

Can the file be posted here or somewhere it can just be readily and freely accessible?


Should be here?