Carbide Create Wasteboard Files

We have:

and there is also:

and of course:


and for the Shapeoko 3: Shapeoko Threaded Table - Carbide 3D for which see:

Since I worked up a PDF, I thought Iā€™d spare folks some work and provide a full set of files for a current version of Carbide Create which are hopefully matched up to the current rapid position coordinates (these may need to be adjusted ā€” waiting on new wiring extensions to get my machine back up and running, and hopefully there will be a second set for the HDZ dimensions. Working these up now based on the measurements at:

  • Shapeoko 3: S3P001_100.c2d (203.8 KB) ā€” note that the Y placement of the holes may need to be adjusted (would someone with the threaded table check against the rapid position points?)

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