Out-of-warranty parts availability

I know that it’s a distraction from improving the machines and selling them, but now that we have a formal warranty policy:


I think that we really need to have spare parts available — esp. the consumables:

  • Delrin V-wheels
  • GT2 belting (esp. the 520mm endless loop)
  • wasteboards (and it would be really nice to have the drawings for these)
  • spindle mount carriage plate — I need to drill mine for a 65mm spindle mount, and I can see how it’d be nice to have spares

Also, the parts for upgrading — I can see how some people might be willing to drill out their plates to use the new belt anchors for instance.

It would also be nice to have an updated set of plans w/ the Parts #s for the updated parts (or some established nomenclature for how the names will be set) — kind of struggling w// updating the B.O.M.


Is this warranty also retroactive on the Shapeokos sold recently?

S3P001.pdf (134.0 KB)

I have attached the drawing that I have for the aluminium table, could be used to get a MDF wasteboard cut to size and the holes put in the right places!


I agree, I had to buy some replacement V-wheels already.

Also, spares of the PEM nuts, just in case they fall out and get lost (or one wants to mod one’s machine and add some threads somewhere)

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I see no reason they couldn’t have a parts section in the store with every part that makes things things up could be in. Extrusion and all.

Or you want to upgrade to the newer spindle driver, and there’s no way to do so because you can’t buy the part.