Carbide Motion 428 / HDZ / Suckit

Anyone fancy trying this?

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I’ll try it tonight & post results.

Reported in the other thread, it works but basically I’m losing an inch on each side as it is reverting back to pre-HDZ work area. I may enable HDZ and get the extra 2in in width and lose the W rapid on the left hand side. I don’t have my bitsetter yet, it was delayed yet again and it is still out for delivery so I did not have a chance to try that.

I’m not sure I follow.

We can’t change the dimensions of the Suckit, you can either use a suckit and revert back to standard travel distances or not use a suckit and gain the travel…

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Well I have the ears setup on the first set of holes as I have the small mount so it may be why I still have an inch on each side

When @luc.onthego sets his machine up in CM as “without HDZ”, he’s losing the benefit of the gained workspace on the X.


If you are using the suckit there is no gained space - the ears take it away.

If you don’t have a suckit you can use the machine as normal and you should have the added 2"


The series of steps posted here [HDZ/Suckit Users - Addressing rapid coordinates X bouncing] worked. Rapid positions stop at the original non-HDZ locations, and I can’t jog into the rails.

I took off my left side suckit ear, it still crashed into the left when using the left rapid positions.
I have the HDZ installed and updated the setting when I upgraded to 428.

I reported this to support, only response I got back was don’t use the 3 left rapid positions.

So the 428 on the download page now shows a date of 12/16, It changed from 12/03. Carbide has something been fixed in this date change release. ???

The release notes don’t say anything changed but the date it was released changed

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