Carving Names into Bricks

Has anyone carved names in brick? Any tips,do, or don’t???

Hi @wcason04,

I don’t know about bricks, but we recently had a case of someone milling concrete, so bricks should be easy peasy in comparison :slight_smile:

But you meant carve as in “V-carve” I guess ? If so, and if you have an old V-bit you don’t mind saying goodbye to, I would say try maxing out the RPM, using a shallow depth per path, good dust collection, and see what happens ?

Else I guess those V-shaped brazing diamond cutters mentioned in that thread I linked, could be an option for V-carving bricks.


There’s a bit about various stone materials at:

which sort of brick will make a big difference

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I carve marble tiles. I would think it would be similar.

Are you talking about cement “brick” pavers, or red clay bricks?


Cement brick pavers. They have a fundraiser where they put names on bricks. That’s what they want me to do.

I wonder what kind of details you would be able to get since these pavers are concrete-based and have small stones embedded. I would certainly do a test before committing to that job. You will need special cutters like those @MadHatter has used for his marble projects so there is a delay in getting the cutters from China.

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I will go take a picture in a little bit it’s been a long time since I have been there. Get some pointers from everyone.

Knowing you want to cut the concrete pavers, I would lean towards the brazed diamond cutters @Julien linked to. I think the PCD bits I use would dislodge the aggregate like @luc.onthego mentioned.


This is what I am working with can you give suggestions I am ordering the bits tomorrow.

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Those cheap brazed diamond cutters from Amazon referenced earlier in the thread should do the trick, using adequate feeds and speeds

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Two questions:

  1. Where does one get the bricks?
  2. How do you keep those diamond bits cool?

Like so: (check linked videos)

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