Ceramic tiles with Nomad 3?

New Nomad 3 owner (and CNC in general)

I’m looking to engrave a set of regular ceramic bath tiles, paint them, and then mount them together for a larger mosaic kind of thing.

That said, with a N3, would the new drag bit Carbide released be appropriate for this material? I’m not sure it will be able to carve deep enough or not but it seems like that might work. Any advice appreciated


Depends on the tile type. Here’s drag engraving on granite:

More of the same:

I cutout and engraved on marble (and will be doing more stone stuff eventually) for one of the contests. I used diamond coated stone carving tools for a Dremel. Process went way smoother once I started cooling with water, but it was a bit messy.

Hope those somewhat help.


I’ll add an example of engraving a ceramic tile (not a spectacular result, it was for the sake of trying my diamond drag bit)


You need spare pieces for a tile job. Use one of those spares. Although tile glaze is hard the tile itself is not as hard. There are many types of tile and the only way to find out is to do it. The glaze may engrave nicely or it might crack and look jagged on the edges. Give it a try.


Great info, thanks much everyone

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