Cncjs Custom Commands - rapid positioning

First - thanks to everyone in this forum that has supplied a wealth of information on how to use cncjs!

Here’s one I discovered, but hadn’t seen documented yet. One thing missing for me was rapid positioning to certain areas of the board. It’s a nice feature in Carbide Motion. Started by creating a bunch of macros, which worked, but a little clunky to execute. Then I stumbled on “Custom Commands” in the Axes widget. Click the gear icon and you can create your own command buttons:


Drop in the coordinates for the positions you’d like. Set your size and order, and you end up with a nice map of your work surface and one click access to move there:

I tried adding the “Frame” macro, but that didn’t work. Thinking variables are not supported, only direct commands. Hope others find this useful as well!


I don’t know how I missed that menu. Indeed, it’s more convenient than having the actions down in the Macros module (and having to click “Run”). Thank you for sharing !

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