Community challenge #19: VOTE HERE

It looks like CC’s new Image Tracing feature got a lot of interest, judging by the numbers of participants in challenge #19

Time to vote! (legit forum members only, you know the drill)

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Poll will close on April 4th, midnight PST

Hi folks,

thank you for voting, results are in:

Congratulations @MarcP for a clear win with your leaf tray ! Cool idea, don’t forget to share your prize with mother nature for has a copyright on the original design :smiley:

Second place goes to @hkyswim for making his sister happy with a pretty cool Wrigley Field sign gift

This time around Jury’s prize does not quite follow the popular vote, and goes to @BrokenPoet for his Doctor Who sign.

@Lourdes will be in touch to ship your prizes.

Oh, what is the mystery prize I hear you ask ? @Jorge won’t let me tell you just yet :slight_smile:

I hope you all had fun using image tracing, see you all in the next challenge!