Community challenge #24: VOTE HERE

Thank you all for the many entries in Community challenge #24!
Quite interesting to see what you have come up with based on C3D’s elements.

Now to vote!
Gentle reminder: legit forum members only / friends don’t ask friends to create fake accounts to vote

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Vote will close on Sept 26th, midnight PST. Good luck!


Thank you all for voting, results are in:

Congratulations @ColdCoffee for winning first place with that fancy cards box based on a mix of vector elements.

Second place goes to @WicksWoodWorks and his skull clock (I hope you had a chance to replace the glass, or replace it with a 250mm piece of acrylic maybe?)

Jury’s prize follows the popular vote and goes to @mjmike6988, it was quite interesting to combine starfish shapes with jack’o’lantern faces and this gives the piece a lot of personality

@Lourdes will be in touch with the winners for shipping their prizes.

See you all in the next community challenge!


Thanks Julien! This was a fun challenge! Looking forward to the next one! Was cool seeing what everyone came up with! And acrylic is a great idea for the clock… probably a little more foolproof? I haven’t worked with it that much so will be cool to try out a new material. :+1:t3: So, funny story. I purchased the Bitrunner V2 the instant it came out—was on the waitlist haha. It works great! Very nice to make the Shapeoko a bit more automated and I have it hooked up to my shop vac as well. :raised_hands:t3: So if it’s cool with everyone, I’ll just pass the prize onto the next entry down the totem pole. Thanks!


Nice gesture, so it looks like @mjmike6988 got himself a BitRunner too then!


Oh wow, That’s really a nice gesture for sure. Thanks @WicksWoodWorks & @Julien

I’ll definitely put it to good use, currently on the road traveling with my machine in a camper. Been alot of fun. Meeting alot of cool new people.

I think I may have to jump and purchase a new board as well then to get it going.

This definitely was a fun challenge, some great entries and I feel humbled to even place at all.

Thanks again you guys just made my day.

I picked up a bunch of Church Pew bases and a few are a bit warped. They Have been cut down already and ready for the machine but need to be surfaced, so the McFly is definitely going to come in handy with all this Oak.

I was going to build a steam box to fit, and flatten. but might as well put McFly to use… Love that name gonna have to make a special holder just for him…