Community challenge #9, 2019-2020 edition: VOTE HERE!

Lots of interesting entries again in challenge #9, thank you all.

Let’s vote now! (legit community members only, as usual)

Poll will close on June 21st midnight PST

That’s also when I’ll check CutRocket and add bonus points to the tally (if for some reason your project does not show up in the public page yet, edit your post to add a direct link to your CutRocket project).

Challenge #10 coming up next!

Wow, it looks like we are going to need a photo finish Sunday night, you guys are like,


Hey look that’s me! (Way in the back with a flat tire)


I’m not sure why I posted an entry at all given it’s not up for voting. Don’t bother at this point given most have already voted. :sob:

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I am sorry that happened Gary, I think you might have to put up a link to the design files with a description for it to be considered. If you need a hand with that on the next contest just send me a private message, I can walk you through it or I am sure Julien can also.


Right, I did not state it but I tried enforcing the rules strictly this time, and only validated the entries that had the design file attached, so yours and Bo’s and MrGNY’s post did not make the cut. In hindsight I should have posted a reminder, sorry!


A possible three-way tie? WOO-HOO!
@cme82883 please don’t forget your CutRocket link to keep the tie, your project is too awesome not to stay right there!



Since the projects don’t show up immediately on cutrocket front page, if you did upload it make sure to add the direct link in your post.


I dont know how to edit my post but here is the link to my cut rocket


here is the link, im not sure how to edit my original post lol

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Thanks! FYI to edit a post you need to click the little pencil icon at the bottom of your post.

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Yeah my contest submission doesn’t have the little pencil at the bottom for some reason,. but glad you got the link

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Last minute shameless plug…

Guess i have to re-enter this into challenge 10 after all Julien! :slight_smile:


@Sbedow7885 Nice! Reminds me of the one I did for my kids’ playset.


That’s awesome Neil!

What kind of playset is that? Looks amazing!


Lucky kids! They must love that! Very nice building and sign!


Hi everyone,

That was quite a race!

Congratulations @BubbyDog for winning challenge #9 with 25 votes + 2 (CutRocket bonus). Superb quality as always!

Second place goes to @cme82883, a very nice sign and a testament to the fact that it is very fulfilling to make gifts with the Shapeoko.

Jury’s prize goes to @dakyleman for what I think was the most creative entry and an excellent write-up.

@Jorge will be in touch.

Now let’s fill some buckets with plastic chips for the ongoing challenge #10!


Thank you very much for the votes guys! This one was a nail biter for sure! Thank you Julien and Carbide3D for the exciting contest and awesome prizes! I really enjoy these contests, the process of taking a concept to creating a design then building it with an impending deadline and then finally peer review, is a great way to be inspired to push the limits of your abilities and to be encouraged to create something meaningful and unique.
Congratulations to @cme82883, I am very impressed with the size and quality of the project you submitted. The letters all look perfect and it is a very professional piece. I hope your friend is recovering, and I am sure he is inspired by your very elaborate gift.
Also congratulations to @dakyleman your geared sign is by far the most complex of all the entries, and with moving parts and different messages, it is a interesting and impressive design.
I thought all the entries were great this time and there were some very intriguing and unique pieces. Sorry for the ones that were not accepted. If any forum member would like to submit a project for one of the Carbide 3D contests but you are not sure how to do it properly, don’t hesitate to private message me anytime, I am more then willing to help out!
As always, looking forward to the next Shapeoko project! See you soon!


I wish I could say I built it from scratch, but it’s a BackYard Discovery playset from Amazon. It’s been a life saver during the quarantine! I’d say it’s of decent quality. Despite it being a kit, I still had to make cuts. I’m hoping to get 10 years out of it. I wanted to build one from scratch, but the grandparents wanted to pitch in and we had Amazon points (and I have more projects than time)
Wider view: