Corner Radius in tool lirbary - Bugged?

I downloaded a tool library from SpeTools and spent quite some time to figure out why some of the tools were not working right on it.

After digging and changing everything I realized that the ‘Cornerradius’ parameter was messing up the tool paths and renderings on Carbide Create.

Based on this:

It looks like corner radius is implemented… but based on this:

it may not be?

Where can I find a list of all features in the CSV tool library that should be set to a certain value to ‘work’?

Same question goes for the ‘Angle’ parameter… should Engravers and ball bit use an angle?

At this time, the only implemented values are those which are used in tooling sold by Carbide 3D, and certain aspects of that tooling (e.g., radiused V endmills such as the #501 and 502) are not yet supported — everything else should be viewed as future-proofing until such time as Carbide Create is updated so as to support it.

When you add a custom tool there are only a few fields that are filled in and I “suppose” those are the only parameters that Carbide Create uses. If you open the Help Menu and About menu and open the data directory and navigate to Carbide Create and then Tools you will find your custom .csv files. You can open them in a spreadsheet and add any thing to the fields that you want. Then save as the file as a .csv and not in a spreadsheet native format. By filling out the fields in the .csv you are “Future Proofing” for when and if any parameters are implemented. Now which fields are actually are used by Carbide Create is a wild guess and maybe @robgrz can answer exactly which fields are implemented and exactly what the meaning of the field is to CC.

Thanks for the reply.

The corner radius and angle parameter seem to have an impact on the tool path generation. However I’m guessing its fair to assume they are future proofing and will create errors if populated. (other than Angel in the V-Bit)

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